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Business Intelligence Analytics

Accurate and complete business data is key to successful operations and development. With the right information at your fingertips, it's easier to access detailed information regarding your organization and employees.

As part of our suite of integrated technology services, CoAdvantage's online portal features customizable Business Intelligence Payroll and Invoice Allocation Dashboards that display metrics in visual, easy-to-interpret charts.

The Business Intelligence dashboards are part of CoAdvantage's innovative web-based platform for HR functions. The portal provides:

  • A single login and free mobile apps to streamline daily operations four you and your employees
  • Paperless payroll, reporting and HR transactions
  • Dynamic time and labor management solutions, including schedule generator, pay adjustments, timesheet approvals and time-off requests
  • Dozens of interactive videos and on-demand training
  • Compliance audits, vulnerability scans and operating controls to help keep your data protected and secure


AdHoc Reporting


Sample Business Intelligence Payroll Dashboard

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Invoice Allocation Dashboard Also Available

Employer ChartSummaryDepartmentsLocationBreakdown

Employer ChartSummaryDepartmentsLocationBreakdown

Reports can be organized by several different markers and time periods, giving you the freedom to customize your dashboard and organize your data in ways that support your business needs, goals, and decisions.

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